CAT test scores

From: Diane Smith <>
Subject: CAT test scores
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 08:59:12 -0700

My daughter's achievement test score in science and social studies were
both up 20% this year over last year. She says that the NASA projects we
have done online and other geography projects helped her during the tests.

I am curious if anyone else noticed any differances or noticeable
improvements as a result of adding online projects as a learning tool?

She has just completed the sixth grade this year and we do homeschool so we
can be flexible with the amount of time online and so forth.

I am encouraged to keep on improving my efforts to add online tools to
regular studies. She is very computer "savy" and types easily, that helps
in her case as I notice that children without computer skills do not enjoy
being online. Remedy: start "computer exposure" at a younger age. 


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