Re: Are YOU attending NECC (June 3

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Re: Are YOU attending NECC (June 3
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:38:31 -0500

Dear Lorain,

Welcome to the LFM discussion forum... I think you will find 
this a very supportive place with lots of resource sharing
and helpful ideas relating to the integration of the Live
>From Mars!

>Would love to know more about this conference.  I just joined LFM and LFM-
>Discussion recently, so I didn't know about it before.  It may be too late
>to register now, but there's alway's next year!
>Lorain Chantland

If you would like more details about the upcoming NECC Conference
just visit this web site:


Here's just a bit of General Information...

NECC '97 will be the 18th Annual National Educational computing conference. 
Dynamic speakers, practical applications, engaging discussions, pre-conference 
workshops, poster sessions, research papers, and a Northwest Showcase will 
contribute to an exciting program for K-12 and university educators.

Jan Wee, moderator