You are encouraged to submit!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: You are encouraged to submit!
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 08:30:16 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm and ptk-advocate members,

                >Issue:  Education Technology

>Description: Congress and the Clinton Administration have made
>substantial commitments to connect the nation's schools to the Internet.
>"The trouble is no one seems to know which of the myriad problems facing
>American education Internet access can solve...Student access to the
>World Wide Web is useful, but probably less so than access to a good
>library." One reason for the confusion is that not enough is being
>invested to train teachers and administrators to use these new tools. "A
>recent study by the Educational Testing Service found that only 15% of
>teachers had received even nine hours of training in educational
>technology." There are a couple of initiatives and examples, however, that
>can help schools make the most of these ed-tech opportunities, including
>Co-Nect schools (, the Global SchoolNet Foundation
>(, the Dalton School (, and Netschools

>Wildstrom invites readers to send examples of schools doing 
>exceptionally good or bad job with ed tech. 

        Stephen H. Wildstrom <tech&>

PTK was recently alerted to the above news brief and would like to encourage
you to >>> submit your experiences <<< integrating technology and PTK's online 
educational projects as concrete evidence that teachers are utilizing the
effectively and in exemplary ways.  Many of you have shared your
stories, directly or indirectly, via this online forum or through
direct contact with PTK Staff that we believe you can provide examples
of what is *EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD* about integrating educational technology in
the classroom.  

If you do submit a descriptive file about the ways you are integrating
technology and the Internet via Live From Mars (or other PTK projects)
please send a copy not only to Stephen Wildstrom, but also to and for our files.


Jan Wee, moderator