Will YOU be attending Planetfest or at NASA JPL this JULY?

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: Will YOU be attending Planetfest or at NASA JPL this JULY?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:17:44 -0500

Dear Educators, 

Excitement is building as the Pathfinder spacecraft maneuvers
towards its goal of landing on Mars this July 4th.  Passport
to Knowledge will be on hand to bring you virtually to "where
the action is" -- on location at NASA JPL, at The Planetary
Society's Planetfest celebration/convention, and national
museums (American Museum of Natural History in NY and more) 
and select uplink sites  -- on July 6th and 9th with two 
2 hour long *live* programs scheduled for 14:00-16:00 EST
on NASA-TV and PBS Telstar 402. 

(See earlier posting for Important Broadcast Information 
 detailing the satellite coordinates and key info)

PTK would like to poll this forum to find out if any of YOU
will be in attendance at Planetfest or attending workshops
at NASA JPL during the first weeks of July.   If you are planning
to be on hand, please send a note with your name, email address,
and relevant contact and background info (your position, school,
location).  Please send this information to ghaines@mail.arc.nasa.gov
and copy jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov

For more details about Planetfest check out The Planetary Society's
Web site....


Jan Wee, moderator

PS -- Thanks to Dr. Ken Edgett for sharing the Civilization article
citation and for keeping our "ears" and "eyes" open in these final 
21 days before the landing!