Civilization Discovered!

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Civilization Discovered!
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 18:46:16 -0400

Dear Ken &  Mars Educators,

After reading Ken's message, I checked out the Library of Congress
homepage. There on their site was Civilzation "just a click away." Their
"current"  issue  is listed is 5/96! Someone needs to talk to their web

With fingers crossed I called our local library, but knowing that they
don't even have current  up to date "phonebooks" and other county
periodicals, I did not think "Civilization" stood a chance.

>From there I called our local bookstore hoping that they might at least
obtain it for me (without my having to go up to DC) but the idea was
quickly squelched. Then, knowing that universities are "reservoirs" of
culture and "civilization",  I called our university libraries only to find
that with each call the path to "Civilization" lead only to a  "dead end"

Using my last resource,  I extended my quest for "Civilization" to the
other side of the Blue Ridge Mts. in  Charlottesville  and there at Barnes
& Noble "Civilization" was found !

So it is out there!
 Hope your quest is easier and more local than mine!!

Marilyn Kennedy-Wall
John Wayland Elem
here in the Shenandoah Valley, where the scenery is awesome and you are
just a short skip and a jump from "civilization" on the other side of the
Blue Ridge!