Message from Janet Cook

From: "Four Cook" <> (by way of Jan Wee <>)
Subject: Message from Janet Cook
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 20:24:31 -0700

Dear discuss-lfm members,

This message may be too late to benefit you, but just in case
you live on the West Coast and happen to read your email
this evening!  

>From Janet Cook....

Dear Jan,  
	I told you last month my class would be filmed doing activities 
from the Live From ...  programs.  It will finally be aired this 
Sunday, June 1st, from 8pm-10pm EDT on Knowledge TV, a Jones cable channel 
(check your local listings for the channel number and time).  

The program is called, "Brave New Worlds: 

Technology in the Classroom."  I don't know how long our part in it will be, 
but hopefully, the whole will be worth it.  They filmed us gathering and 
entering our PET data, doing the Blubber Glove experiment and then
me about how and why I use the Internet in the classroom. 

It was commissioned by the Florida Dept. of 
Education to help train new teachers.  We will be part of the "Wrap 
Celebration" to be held at the Colorado's Governor's Mansion on Sunday, June 
6th.  The kids are understandably excited about that.  Hope someone has a 
chance to tape the program so you can have a copy of it.  Thanks for the 
opportunity to be in the PTK program, Janet K. Cook