Re: Mystery Site #3 Question

From: (Rowan, Chris) (by way of Jan Wee <>)
Subject: Re: Mystery Site #3 Question
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 20:18:57 -0700

Dear discuss-lfm members,

This note from Chris Rowan who hosted Mystery Site #3 --

Jan Wee wrote:

> Regarding the note about Mystery Site #3's Latitude and
> Longitude -- I will have to defer to Chris Rowan who
> is the Mystery Site host supplying the PDI data and
> imagery.  Since Chris submitted this data (which, by the
> way, sites the Lat and Long from the STSORBIT source), it
> is best that he help clarify matters.
> Chris --- if you could share your response with discuss-lfm
> and debate-lfm it would be appreciated.

Brownsville's coordinates are 97.5 degrees West longitude and 26 degrees
North latitude.