Red Rover site, Mars toys, and LFM summer programming

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Red Rover site, Mars toys, and LFM summer programming
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 09:24:33 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

* Thanks, Susan, for sharing your Red Rover Site URL. <>
I did visit this morning and enjoyed interacting.   Just want to 
remind everyone that the username and password are both <guest>!

* Lori Darter, PTK Advocate from Virginia informed me
that a youngster in one of her elementary classes excitedly brought
his new toys to class for Show and Share... they are models of the
MPF and MGS!  I have asked Lori to share more details.

* Thanks to all who have shared feedback about Program Two!  Although
May is the time when thoughts of summer vacation are likely to be
ever-present, for PTK it means gearing up for TWO two-hour 
long *live* broadcasts airing in conjunction with the Pathfinder's 
landing on the Red Planet.

Below is an >excerpt< from updates-lfm which will be posted
today -- keep your eyes open for more details!

"Coming soon to a Science Center near you..."
In addition to headline reports in the mass media, LIVE FROM MARS 
and its partners from the American Museum of Natural History in 
New York, plan special live, interactive TV programs to be offered via 
satellite on Sunday July 6th and Wednesday July 9th, from 14:00-
16:00 Eastern (11:00-13:00 hours Pacific.) 

If your school has a year-round schedule >or< a summer school program 
>or< if you are connected with a science, museum, planetarium, or
educational camp program, please consider joining us on July 6th 
and 9th for this unique opportunity to share the Mars Missions
via LFM's live telecasts and online resources/activities.

* Remember, the Mystery Site activity is in full swing, but it
is not too late to join the fun as the activity remains active through
May 20th.  To date nearly 1200 students are registered as "super sleuths"
determined to solve "Where in the World Are These P.E.T. Mystery Sites?"  
Students from grades 3-12 can take the challenge... visit the LFM URL 
for the Mystery Site Activity: 

Jan Wee, moderator