Red Rover Help Response

From: Jo Lynne Roberts <>
Subject: Red Rover Help Response
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 20:03:56 -0700 (PDT)

About a week ago I asked for help on putting together the Red Rover
project at the last!

My heart was certainly warmed by the responses of five on-line
colleagues.Three messages contained detailed responses outlining steps and
procedures which have enabled us to move forward with this project!

Two responses were equally heart warming in that they couldn't offer
specific help but instead sent good wishes and encouragement.

We are on our way to putting our project together...and thanks to this
wonderful on-line "forum of friends" we will be successful.  I feel so
fortunate to know that you are all out there...and willing to
help....THANK YOU!

Jo Lynne

Jo Lynne Z. Roberts
Zellerbach Elementary
Camas, Washington...the state!
P.S.  When I read the replies verbatim to my class they were astounded
that people who didn't even know us would take the time to help us
out....thanks again......and on to Mars!