Olympus Mon gone by the wayside?

From: freemanm@mailhost.sd02.k12.id.us
Subject: Olympus Mon gone by the wayside?
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 09:34:56 -0700 (PDT)

I just read in July 1997 issue of Astronomy (p32, Event 
Horizon) that Olympus Mons has now been
replaced by Tharsis Bulge as the tallest
volcano on Mars.  And not only that, Margaritifer Sinus
rather is now considered to be the lowest point on Mars.
How about that news folks.  Also, there
has been several letters lately about building
Mars Scapes.  For ours, we use clay, sand,
gravel and rocks the kids picked up.  I also
included cinders from the running track to
give it that reddish, rusty appearance.  
We enclosed one of the scapes with black paper
and poked little holes in it.  Then Lea
put little Christmas lights through the 
holes to give Mars a star studded look.
Our school year ends on the 30th.  But, I
will continue to keep in touch with Live
from Mars from home.  Hope all of you wonderful
teachers will do the same.  I will be looking
up towards Mars on July 4th with dreams in
my mind and hope in my heart.