Re: Seeking your input-University of Washington TV

From: Diane Smith <>
Subject: Re: Seeking your input-University of Washington TV
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 10:57:53 -0700

I had approached the University of Washington, UWTV Channel 27, twice about
showing the Passport to Knowledge broadcasts from the "Live From" projects
as they have the NASA satellite feed and do broadcast it at various times of
the day. The answer had been nothing to "no" until just recently.

Even though the UW is participating in the Mars Mission, I just now had an
investigative response from a person at the TV station asking for more
information and the contacts within the University who were involved in the
Mars mission.

The channel broadcasts programs for the Seattle School District during the
school day and replaces it with more NASA during the summer. I wanted to
convince this lady that more teachers could participate if the UWTV would
broadcast these programs during the original broadcast times. By watching
the NASA TV schedule I occasionally saw the broadcast at 2:00 am our time,
but only when channel 27 aired a replay as we are PDT time and the 1:00 am
NASA broadcast starts here at 11 pm, channel 27 doesn't begin NASA until
after midnight. "Catch as catch can" to even tape the programs with this

Anyway, I told her I wanted to do a workshop for the landing of the
"Pathfinder" the first week of July so that was what interested her. Perhaps
the tv station will re-think the broadcasting of the "Live from" programs. I
----------------------Message from Susan Brandt-Channel 27------------------

Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 09:56:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Susan Brandt <>
To: Diane Smith <>
Subject: Re: Mars Pathfinder coverage on July 4, 1997

Dear Diane:
We are doing our best to try to accommodate your request. We will schedule
a recording of the May "Live from Mars" programs (I'll be sending a
message to the email list shortly), and we will do our best to continue
recording these programs. The programs currently fall within the range of
NASA programs that we record daily, so it works out fine, but as you know
we tape delay these program to the late night hours, so please note the
airtimes we have scheduled for them.

Could you tell me a little about your project, how many students and UW
scientists are involved? Thanks, Susan

Susan did send a notice to the subscribers of the TV channel 27 email
listing the day and times of the broadcasts. Usually the schedule just says-
12:00 am - NASA TV
 7:30 am - Some other program

Currently channel 27 is showing off and on coverage of the Mir resupplying
and transfer of the astronauts so the Passport to Knowledge programs need to
become important enough to education to be broadcast during the original
broadcast times when Seattle Public Schools are viewing anyway. Other school
districts on-line in the area like Highline, where I live, would be able to
receive the same broadcast by tuning in cable TV.

Would teachers in the Bellevue School District and others in the area of the
channel 27 viewing area that are using "Live From" projects please drop Susan
an email to let her know that your school would tune in as well and benefit
from the broadcasts.

Diane Smith
Seattle, WA
Maywood Center-Highline School District