Need Help re Red Rover

From: Jo Lynne Roberts <>
Subject: Need Help re Red Rover
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 07:00:15 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Friends

One month from today we dismiss school for the year in SW Washington
state.  As I look at this timeline it is with knees shaking and stomach
churning....because we need to do Red Rover within this time frame (I
don't know how to make a "smiley" for a paniced face).

Why have we waited so long?  Numerous reasons, primarily funding and
remodeling which have really held us up.  Now, we have the $$$$ ($1600.)
and the kids have looked forward to this all has to get
done!  We have completed our huge Space Station Simulation project where
over two hundred kids flew a six hour simulation in our space station
modules and are ready to rock n' roll on Mars.

I have ordered the equipment today but really need some ideas re building
the landscape.  I've read the Planetary Society pages re Red Rover but
would like to know the easist, most practical ideas anyone has experienced
to complete the landscape.

	1.  What have you used for the base?
	2.   How have you designed the landscape?  Have you created hills
and valleys and if so using what materials?
	3.   How many rovers did you build?  Would you suggest going with
several or is one enough?

	4.  Did you learn something along the way which I could benefit
from now?

	Thanks for sharing...we'll pull this together one way or another
but with your help we hope to cut the learning curve time down.

JL and her sixth grade classes

Jo Lynne Z. Roberts
Zellerbach Elementary
Camas, Washington...the state!