How does this sound?

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: How does this sound?
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 07:31:22 -0500

Dear LFM/LFA2 Participants and Advocates,

May is upon us already and another school year is coming to 
a close within weeks for a good number of you.  Before you
leave for the summer, we would like to utilize this forum to
seek your input.

This appears to be a good time to tap the >>>collective 
experience<<< of our LFM and LFA 2 participants and PTK Advocates 
regarding an ever present concern... ACCESS to the PTK
broadcasts via local PBS and cable providers.

We, the PTK Staff, would like to use this forum to have you  
to share your experiences relating to working with your local
PBS stations/cable companies in efforts to convince them to 
carry the Passport to Knowledge broadcasts.  

Many of you have found that once recalcitrant PBS
stations/cable providers are now dependable supporters of 
PTK programming.  

What have you done to convince the broadcast providers?  What
creative or convincing arguments did you use?  What about
those of you working with local cable companies?  What
is your experience with this group of providers of 
educational programming? 

We would like to hear your "trials and tribulations", your
ups and downs, your continued struggles and action plans, 
your success stories.   It is our hope that we can, in turn, share
these vignettes as >>models<< for newcomers who struggle with
these same issues.  Hearing real-world stories from experienced
educators is a valuable resource that we can offer to those
facing the same hurdles.

Please take some time over the days ahead and relate your 
experiences in dealing with the access issues!  If you prefer,
you may send your input >directly< to

Jan Wee, moderator