Seeking update from you

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Seeking update from you
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 10:42:15 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm & discuss-lfa members and PTK Advocates,

It's the end of the school year for many of you  -- a time 
spent preparing for the last weeks before vacation 
and a time to address "closure" issues.  

The Passport to Knowledge team is also attending to
completing our files.  We would like to request the following
from participating Live From Mars and Live From Antarctica 2

        * Please alert us to any upcoming LFM or LFA 2 events
                scheduled for the close of the school year
                or for the summer months. We would appreciate
                receiving copies of photos, sample student work,
                videotape clips! 

        * Many of you have already held Mars Day Events or Antarctica 
                Celebrations, etc.  We would appreciate receiving copies of
                announcements or articles posted to parents or 
                the community, or that appeared in your local
                media (newspapers, journals, TV)

        * If you have shared the LFM or LFA 2 project with your
                colleagues or via local, regional, or statewide
                information sharing, please send a copy of the
                announcement or a summary of this outreach.

You may email information regarding the above to Project Director
Geoff Haines-Stiles at or send by snail
mail to:

Passport to Knowledge
P.O. Box 1502
Summit, NJ 07902-1502

Please accept our thanks, in advance, for keeping the PTK staff
aware of your integration and dissemination efforts!

Jan Wee, PTK Education Outreach Coordinator