Planetary Data Input Forms

From: gwahl <>
Subject: Planetary Data Input Forms
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 19:57:43 -0400

Dear discuss-lfm members,
        The Planetary Data Input Forms came on-line at a perfect time for my
classes.  We were in the middle of studying climate.  As part of a lab
class, I had students in pairs pick a school and compare it's PET form to
our form.  They compared pictures (if there were pictures) as far as
differences and similarities in topography, vegetation and temperature.
They could roughly tell temperature by looking to see if the other students
were wearing jackets or not.  They looked to see if the trees were leafed
out (ours weren't at all) and whether there were hills in the background
like ours had.  
        They then plotted each school's latitude and longitude on a world
map to find the school's location and compare the data on the Planetary Data
        It was interesting watching the students at work.  Some looked at
almost all of the schools' data before choosing a school.  Many chose
Colorado's Finest Alternative High School because the name of the school
told them where it was.  
It was great for them to see that all the data was collected at the same
time ours was.  It was eye opening for them to see that  Gates Intermediate
was at the shore, that Serrano High School didn't have trees in their area,
and that Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School's temperature wasn't much different
from ours - and they are in Alaska!  I think they now realize how different
climates can be.  They loved seeing South Lee School's longitude.  We've
talked about the Prime Meridian all year and now they could see data from a
school on the Prime Meridian. They were very impressed that elementary
students could do such great work. My 9th and 8th grade students think that
all the elementary students that
took part must be "brains."
        Thank you LFM for providing such a great activity for us and thank
you to all the teachers that took part.
        Ruth Wahl
        Earth Science Teacher, Allegany-Limestone High School