From: (Lois Nokleby)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 22:40:37 -0500

Advocates--perhaps some of you can help. Thanks lan

>> Subject: Grand Forks Newspaper archives
>> Date: Wednesday, April 23, 1997 3:07 AM
>> This is about the floods and the newspaper library there; please pass it
>> to some library lists if you will...
>> Thanks
>> Marie Monteagudo
>> >>Jhistorians,
>> >>
>> >>As you know, the North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota areas have
>> >>been hammered by the Red River of the North in recent weeks. One of
>> >>the very sad events in the flooding was the destruction by fire of the
>> >>Grand Forks Herald building, a 40,000-circulation Knight Ridder paper.
>> >>My wife was a reporter at the Herald in the 1980s and we have several
>> >>friends suffering as a result of the floods and fires.
>> >>
>> >>The newspaper's librarian/archivist informs us that all the archives -
>> >>- paper, microfilm, microfiche, everything -- went up in flames and
>> >>are lost. These are records dating back to the 1880s. Further, at this
>> >>writing the holdings of the university of North Dakota library are
>> >>being evacuated and it is not certain which newspaper records have
>> >>been saved.
>> >>
>> >>The librarian is asking anyone with old copies of the Herald, old
>> >>photographs of Grand Forks, microfilm copies -- anything -- please
>> >>consider donating them to the paper to building the collection again.
>> >>
>> >>If anyone on the list has old papers, microfilm, etc., of the Herald -
>> >>- hell, I know it's a long shot, but who knows what people have
>> >>squirreled away -- contact me off list and I'll handle getting the
>> >>stuff to the right people.
>> >>
>> >>BTW, the Herald is still putting out a 12-pager. The staff is working
>> >>at a high school in a nearby town, e-mailing stories to St. Paul and
>> >>making up and printing the paper at the Pioneer Press after its run is
>> >>over. Trucks deliver the paper free of charge to the shelters. The
>> >>paper's web page ( is also in operation.
>> >>
>> >>Thanks,
>> >>
>> >>Mark
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