Live From Mars Broadcast

From: (Bonnie Lock)
Subject: Live From Mars Broadcast
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:53:42 -0700

Dear PTK Team,

Well, you've done it again! What a great broadcast. We learned so much.

We had the opportunity to walk to our High School and view this live. (We
also taped it.) It was wonderful to see what was happening in other
classrooms around the US, as well as, seeing how the PET project fit into
the big picture. It really makes me proud to spread the word.

My students loved seeing Jeremy, Scott and Josh on TV.

Now I'm trying to figure out how we can use the High School this summer, or
if we are real lucky, maybe our new satellite dish will be installed by
that time. Then we can schedule a main event for the 4th of July here at
the school.

Boy, is this stuff contagious.

Thanks again. We love you!!!

Bonnie Lock
La Center Intermediate School
Newly appointed full time Assistant Administrator (as of Tuesday, April 22).
But ALWAYS an advocate for PTK.

PS. As district curriculum person, I plan to really encourage our staff to
participate next school year even more.