Anxious to hear *your* feedback!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Anxious to hear *your* feedback!
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:47:04 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

It's a little hard for me to contain my enthusiasm about
today's broadcast now that I have watched it twice...
once live and once via tape.  

[By the way, even us PTK insiders have to be "creative" about
finding a location to watch the program -- a friend of
mine has a TV service store and let me watch it
live in his store -- all the while I happily took notes
and was thankful to have live access!] 

For me the high points were many.... but I am going to
savor them and ask that instead, those of you who have
seen the program ****please share your input****.  I have 
already shared my list of "what was great" and "what I would 
change" with the PTK Team. PTK is very receptive to educator
comments -- both the positive and not so positive -- so 
let us know your reactions.

In all, students asked over 20 >excellent< questions of Rob
Manning, Wayne Lee, Donna Shirley, and Brian Muirhead.  We
saw lots of kids featured via clips of the Planet Explorer
Toolkit activity, the Egg Drop Activity, and the 
Red Rover demonstration.  

Congratulations to the P.E.T. Activity winners who were 
named during the broadcast:

        Elementary Level = Mellie Lewis class (MD)
        Middle School = Mike Reynold's (MI)
        High School = Janet Cook (CO)

All P.E.T. participants are winners -- but we did promise to
select one class per grade level -- these are the classes that
over the duration of the P.E.T. contributed most effectively
and productively.  Congrats to each of the winners who will
receive a starter Red Rover, Red Rover kit.

I also stopped by for Donna Shirley's web chat (as an observer) and
found quite a bit of activity.  Lots of interesting questions
were asked of Donna about her career, future plans, stresses of
being a NASA engineer and Mission Manager.  Hope some of you also
had a chance to participate.

Thanks to Marilyn Wall for sharing her input on today's program.
Looking forward to hearing >your< input, too.

Jan Wee, moderator