Meet Featured Guests in Advance! And More!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Meet Featured Guests in Advance! And More!
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 08:08:55 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Just one day away from Program Two - "Cruising Between the
Planets" -  and the excitement continues to build!  If you
have not yet introduced your students to the Mars Team,
the men and women behind the Mars Missions, be sure to
visit the Mars Team web link at:

Here you will find 35 biographies (journals, too) that detail 
the lives of those who are integrally connected to the Mars Missions.  
Several of our featured guests who will appear in Program Two have
online biographies available:

        Donna Shirley: Manager Mars Exploration Program
        Tony Spear: Project Manager Mars Pathfinder Lander mission
        Wayne Lee : Mission Planner, Mars operations 
        Rob Manning: Flight System Chief Engineer, Mars Pathfinder 

Meeting Donna, Tony, Wayne and Rob in advance via the sharing their
biographies will surely make the telecast more meaningful!

Don't forget that on the same day as the live telecast (tomorrow)
*Donna Shirley* will be a featured guest on the *Virtual Take Your Daughter
To Work* Web Chats at 1:00 pm-1:45pm  Pacific Standard Time.  You must
pre-register for this chat if your students plan to ask questions.
You may also be an observer -- and this access does not require
pre-registration.  More information about this special event (and other 
scheduled chats with renown women in science, technology, and communications)
is available at:


Are your students prepared to send *good* questions during the live
telecast?  Hundreds of questions fill the mailbox during the program
and only a few *good* questions can be selected.  To improve your
student's chances of having their question selected, be sure the
questions sent >>>>>> relate directly to the themes <<<<<<
covered by this broadcast:

*  Mars Global Surveyor
*  Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner
*  navigation and trajectory maneuvers
*  careers

Questions should be sent to DURING
the live telecast ONLY.   If your question is not selected, be 
sure to send it to Researcher Q and A at
It's a good idea to check the Researcher Q and A archive found at   to be sure 
it's not a "repeat" question before sending!  

The Program Two script for tomorrow's program will be distributed 
via updates-lfm newsletter today enabling you to better prepare 
students for the hour long program.  We hope you find having access 
to the script allows you to "set the stage" for a more meaningful viewing 

You are encouraged to share your & your student's reactions
to Program Two via this forum following tomorrow's program. 

Jan Wee, moderator