more Mars books

From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: more Mars books
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:39:17 -0700 (MST)

Dear Mars Educators--

I was visiting a middle school in Sierra Vista, AZ, last week,
and their librarian turned me on to two GREAT books about Mars
that I was previously unaware of:

MARS, by James A Corrick, Franklin Watts, New York, 1991.
	ISBN # 0-531-12528-9

   - This book is EXCELLENT-- mostly words but some illustrations,
	great for middle/high school.  The author quotes specific
	Mars scientists when presenting the various models and
	theories about the planet's history and climate.  There
	is also an extremely thorough treatment of "Mars" in
	science fiction literature and film/t.v.--- he talked about
	many books/films I had never heard of.  The focus is on
	the science, but the fascination of Mars is captured in
	this "science ficition" section, as well.  The book is 
	slightly out-dated because it pre-dates, and therefore
	anticipates, MARS OBSERVER and some *Soviet* missions that
	had been in the planning stages at that time.... but otherwise
	the book is very well done as far as I could tell.  I will
	need to buy a copy and give it a thorough read.

MARS, by Don Davis and Peter Catermole, Facts on File Books, New York, 1989.
	ISBN # 0-8160-2047-7

    - These two guys are very credible authors-- Catermole has done
	Mars geology research, and Davis is one of the best space
	artists around.  The book has lots of full-color artwork and
	fewer words-- suitable to a younger-than-middle-school reader,
	but the pictures are so great that I reccommend it to all ages.
	The science and depiction of Mars landscapes is very realistic.
	Again, the only complaint I could make is the fact that the 
	book pre-dates Mars Observer and the other changes in the Mars
	program that have occurred in the 1990s.  The artwork alone
	makes this book worth having.

I don't own either of these, but will be looking for them.  

Ken Edgett
Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program

p.s. As you are getting psyched up for the April 24 LFM broadcast, be
aware that the Mars science community is meeting in Houston April 24-27
to discuss, debate, share new evidence regarding the Early history
of Mars and the question of life on Mars.  There is a press conference
scheduled for Sunday afternoon (April 27), so watch for something on the
News on Sunday.

Take care!