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From: Laura Lou <>
Subject: Re: Checking status
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 17:39:51 -0500

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Ginny wrote:
> Hi, I am hoping that all of you that go to NSTA's National Convention this
> week-end will share with those of us that didn't get to go!  I would really
> like to here about the sessions you went to and anything you are willing to
> share about what you learned. Thanks so much, gin

Indeed, Ginny, I hope they wiil.  I am a little appalled that there is
no technological inclusion of those of us who cannot be there in person.

A couple of years ago I cyber-attended a convention of one of the school
librarian organizations.  Our media specialist was attending the other
organization's meetings the same week.  I had been sent the announcement
of this event in email and was anxious to try it out.  It was so easy
that I have been amazed that no other organization I have contact with
has done it.  

The first evening was a virtual cocktail party in an IRC channel known
only to those who registered to attend from a distance.  There was a
bank of computers at the convention with several monitors visible
through the big windows to the attendees passing in the hall outside the
media room.  Officers, speakers and attendees came and went, introducing
themselves to those in the IRC channel.  Jokes about passing drinks and
appetizers around made the hour or so a lot of fun.

Many of the speakers allowed the texts of their presentations to be sent
to us via a temporary list.  Those e-mailings were scheduled to coincide
with the actual presentations.  Some attendees wrote reviews of other
presentations.  Many of the presenters came right to the media room
after their last presentation to answer questions from us in an IRC
channel.  The schedules were emailed to us every morning.

There were even commercial exhibitors that offered to mail the same
"freebies" to us that the regular attendees were getting.

I logged everything and gave it to our media specialist, but she could
never have the feeling of actually being there that I had.  It was the
most exciting weekend (4 days) I ever spent at the keyboard!

How about it, Marc?  It is do-able!  Maybe not this year (wish I had
thought to bug Marc about it earlier) but something else must be coming
up we can attend from a distance.  Anyone who can put together the
fantastic day online and on TV that we had in Washington can do this

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