Re: SOFIA-Live From the Stratosphere II ?

From: Marc Siegel <>
Subject: Re: SOFIA-Live From the Stratosphere II ?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 01:24:52 -0700 (PDT)

Laura writes:
> This is especially for all of you that participated in Live From the
> Stratosphere 1965-1966 and look forward to a possible LFS-2 in the year
> 2001 or 2002. 
> ====================================================================
> Eight miles above Earth's surface, the air is frigid and dry. The stars
> shine fiercely, with little of the twinkling that inspires the soul but
> muddies the view of the heavens. In other words, it's a perfect spot for
> a telescope.
> etc, etc, etc

Hopefully you won't have to wait until 2002 for online adventure with the
airborne infrared team.  Between now and when the plane flies in 5 years,
there will be lots of action....imagine cutting a giant hole in the
side of a 747, building a wonderfully precise telescope, figuring
out the electronics to make the whole thing work....

Although it won't be PTK, my NASA group has been talking with the folks
in charge of the education outreach for the new SOFIA.  In partnership with
them, we hope to connect you with the SOFIA team long before the plane ever
flies.  As always, if you want to be sure to hear about any new developments
as they occur, be sure to join the Sharing-NASA email list.  Send email to:
In the messaeg body, write these words:
subscribe sharing-nasa

See you in the Stratosphere.