Red Rover Site Open

Subject: Red Rover Site Open
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 21:15:34 -0400 (EDT)

Our Red Rover site here in La Canada, California is officially open,
hopefully for the rest of the school year.  We are open for driving Monday -
Friday, 8:30 - 3:00 PST.  Here are the instructions (you might want to print
these out).  The only thing you need to do this is Netscape.

1.  Open Netscape and go to File, Open Location.  Type in our IP address,
which is:

2.  Click on "Explore Mars"

3.  You will see 2 boxes for typing a passcode, etc.  Type in the words
"guest" in both places (no capitals), then scroll down to see the box "Press
here to validate your password" and click on that.

4.  You will then see an image box in the upper left, a message box in the
upper right, and some directionals below.  Depending on your screen size, you
will probably have to scroll through the directional part of the screen to
see everything needed to direct the rover.  There is a box in the
directionals for "zoom".  If the picture of the mars site is too small, I
suggest you zoom to 2x and click on "Submit Change".  You won't see the image
enlarge until you have performed a function.  For the directionals, if you
change the "seconds" driven, you must "submit change" or your change won't be
effective.  If you want to simply take a new picture without moving, click on
the circle in the middle of the directional arrows.  If you want to send a
message, scroll down in the directional screen to see a box called "Open
Message Window".  Once you open that, you can type a message and then click
on Send.

4.  If you are having problems, you can send me an email to my classroom at:  I will hear my email alarm go off and will check
your message and hopefully figure out the problem.  Or, you can call me in my
room at (818) 952-8349.  In any case, I would love to hear from you about
good experiences too!
Norma Barnes, one of our PTK Advocates, also wanted me to mention that her
site and a neighboring site are open for driving 9:00-3:00 Central time.
 There IP addresses are: and (this one closed on

Happy Driving!