Re: Red Rover questions

Subject: Re: Red Rover questions
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 22:25:14 -0400 (EDT)

Lucy, I hope I can try to answer some of your questions:

1)  You don't need Lego Dacta Control software for running the Red Rover
program. The Lego Dacta Software is for "testing" and commanding robotic
creations with the LEGO programming language, an entirely separate progam of
its own.  Before we even heard of Red Rover, we used Lego Dacta materials and
built robots which we then "programmed" to operate using this software.  This
is fun and challenging for students as a completely different operation.  

For the Red Rover program, you need only the  Red Rover Software installed on
the computer you are using, as well as Netscape to access either your own
site or another site using their IP address.   I don't know whether you have
what is called a "static" IP address or not (one that never changes). If you
are using an ISDN or T1 line then you probably have a static IP.  If you are
using a modem to dial up through Trumpet or other such connection, then you
will get a different IP address each time you dial up.    

If you are using a "dial-up" then you would follow a procedure whereby I
believe you would open up the Red Rover server, dial-up (for instance through
Trumpet) to get your temporary IP address, and then open Netscape,  go to
Open Location, and type in your IP address, and view your site.  There are
directionals in the RR Software once you log in.   If you have a "static" IP
address and you know what it is (if you don't, you need to talk with your
district tech person), then you simply open up the RR Server, and then
Netscape, Open Location, and type in your IP address.  If you have further
difficulties, call Gordon at Utah State University (I believe his number is
801-797-2923 or 801-797-3054, but I will check it) for technical assistance.

2)  I don't understand your second question about messages.  The Red Rover
software has a Message Box once you log in which you can open to send
messages to whomever you are driving or being driven that what you

3)  I'm quite certain your Mars Site package should have come with a VERY
long (15 feet?) extension to your camera.  Check with the Planetary Society
on that.

Let me know if I can clarify any of this for you.  I was out of town for our
Spring Break (we have it late), so I am late in getting to you.  Good luck.

Theresa Hall