Re: Checking status

Subject: Re: Checking status
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 14:56:47 -0400 (EDT)

There are not eyes enough to see.. the blinking button with the red eye and
all of the marvelous materials
that you would just have loved to get your hands on.

There were not ears enough to hear, the lectures, the ideas, the greetings,
the jazz, the
words that are music to teacher's ears. How many do you want?

Feelings.. of power, the cab driver said that 15,000 science teachers were
descending on the town. I was
one of those. and the vignettes , caused us to feel very powerful.. if a
little overwhelmed by the
vastness of the exhibit hall , and the thickness of the offerings, and
sometimes the length of the 
line. I never found the popcorn, smelled it.. and never got the lollipop..
each time I stood in 
line, they were out... how did they know when to stand in line?
To capture the essence of the Science Conference and to separate it out would
be like
identifying each of the part of gumbo.. but.. it would not be the same. You
gotta go.