Re: Checking status

From: Marc Siegel <>
Subject: Re: Checking status
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:46:27 -0700 (PDT)

Last week Laura wrote:
> I am a little appalled that there is
> no technological inclusion of those of us who cannot be there in person.
> How about it, Marc?  It is do-able!  Maybe not this year (wish I had
> thought to bug Marc about it earlier) but something else must be coming
> up we can attend from a distance.  Anyone who can put together the
> fantastic day online and on TV that we had in Washington can do this
> easily!

I feel obliged to respond.  I cannot imagine how anyone could ever
capture the essence of NSTA online in real time.  The guide book
to conference talks was thicker then most phone books.  At any one
time there were 40-60 concurrent talks happening.  How could that be 
captured online unless there was an army of cyber-reporters and a
data center of supporting electronics.  To do justice would require
a multi-million dollar budget.  It is one thing to capture the essence
of one room of talks (like we did in Washington in July).  It is quite 
another to share the experience of an NSTA.  

But, my group at NASA's Quest will continue to share teacher workshops when
the opportunities present themselves.  We'll focus on NASA-themed events.
Last month Andrea turned the Pioneer 10 workshop into a virtual conference.  
That included a talk from James Van Allen and many other science superheroes.
And we have other plans for future gigs that I can't yet talk about
(oooh, Marc's got a secret!).  To make sure you stay informed about all future
opportunities for these VCons, be sure to join our project announcement
maillist.  You can do this by sending email to
In the message body, write these words: subscribe sharing-nasa

Oh yes, many thanks to the folks who have written up their experiences
at NSTA. They've been great to read.  Marilyn wrote that I "didn't need
much arm twisting to show off a bookful of pictures of Kelly Rose".
I plead guilty, but how many other 18-week olds do you know that can sit
at a computer and type http://daddy

Yours, Marc