From: (Ginny)
Subject: Re: PET
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 03:06:56 GMT

Dear Jan and Friends,
        Today was a great day! I decided that PET was to great a learning
experience to do only once, so taking Bryan's suggestion, we went out and
PET-ed  our school surroundings.  I think the students did a MUCH  better
job the second time around. (As I'm sure every scientist feels more
competent as they get to know their tools and field better)  They had more
of an idea of what they were doing. I structured it differently this time
also and they were in 7 groups: environmentalists, animal biologists, plant
biologists, rock geologists, soil geologists, wind meteorologists and
temperature meteorologists.  I was really very happy at how happily they
went around collecting their data. Just too cool!  In the middle of  their
exploration, an editor from the newspaper came out and took pictures of
them and interviewed them about this "field trip" and their trip to NASA.
She came back to the classroom with us and talked to the kids for about an
hour.  So, that ought to be fun to "read about"...
        In the class, we are presently doing Tom Snyder's "Great Ocean
Rescue" which is a simulation that requires "thinking and planning and
using tools to gather data and  make decisions". It's on Laser for the
whole class and also on computer disc. It is a great program, so check it
out if you can!
        Thanks everyone for you great ideas, it really helps me plan better
instructional activities! gin

At 2:21 PM 4/10/97, Jan Wee wrote:
>Dear debate-lfm members,
>It's great to be back online and concentrating on the P.E.T.
>activity again.  All of us are enjoying reviewing each of the
>Planetary Data Input Forms already online and seeing the first images ---
>Darlene Taylor's students and their PDI site.  I know that more
>images have been sent to Linda Conrad's attention and she will
>be linking these in over the upcoming days and weeks.  We expect
>that many more forms will continue to be submitted -- please
>be sure to submit even if you go over the extension period.
>Some important reminders for those who have not yet inputted
>their data.  (You may recall many schools needed extensions
>as they had spring/Easter break just recently).
>        1) Please be sure to be as complete as possible in
>           filling out the PDI form BEFORE you submit it.
>           We would rather have you wait and input ALL
>           the data that was collected than to input only partial
>           data and have to submit it as "add ons" requiring edits.
>        2) Please be sure to include your Latitude and Longitude
>           in degrees and minutes (along with the appropriate
>           N/S and E/W direction).  Adding the seconds is great,
>           but not required.
>        3) If you do have additional data to include you need to
>           send it as text info to Linda Conrad at
>           We hope this is limited to just those forms already submitted
>           that have a few missing bits of info.
>        4) Images --- Please try to have your 5 best images (four
>           of the PDI site and one of your students) to Linda (sent
>           as attached GIF or JPEG images to your email message)
>           by April 24th.  We are giving you some additional time
>           but remember, it takes time to post these to the web site
>           so the "earlier, the BETTER".  You will not see them
>           instantly linked to your data form, but they will be
>           there as soon as humanly possible.  (Linda deserves
>           a medal for her hours of dedication to this effort!)
>More details about submitting the images are available at
>You can snail mail images to Linda for scanning at:
>          Linda Conrad
>          NASA Ames Research Center
>          Mailstop T28H
>          Moffett Field, CA 94035
>Be sure to label the package PET IMAGES!
>Thanks to Mike Reynolds for sharing the procedure his students are
>using for the Latitude/Longitude measurements.  And thanks to Janet
>Cook and Ginny Dexter for sharing the Launch Phase experience with
>all of us.  Members of the list really enjoy reading about your
>Launch Day.  Lots of good hints shared this way, too, and we
>thank you for doing that!
>NSTA was great... we met 1000's of educators who visited our PTK
>Booth in the NASA Exhibit area and met some of LFM participants.
>Jan Wee, moderator
>PS -- Laura Kriss' PDI form is now activated... there was a minor
>linking glitch which is now resolved.