Update on CQ #3

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: Update on CQ #3
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 13:18:21 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

If you have not already shared the Challenge Question for
this week, please use the following updated version
with your students.  We feel the students will be find
this wording more challenging.  I will accept answers via my
jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov account through next Wednesday,
April 16th,  giving you more time to promote and utilize
this week's Challenge Question in your classroom.

Jan Wee, moderator 


*NOTE the new DUE DATE (revised) APRIL 16th!


Dis-count (ignore, forget about...) one feature that makes Earth 
unique among the planets (but maybe not the moons) of our Solar 
System, and Earth and Mars are almost identical in a certain aspect. 

What do you have to take away from Earth?

In what way are Earth and Mars then alike? 


And as a BONUS...

Whatever do we mean when we say this feature may make Earth 
unique compared to the planets... but maybe not "the moons" of our 
solar system?