Reminder... Challenge Question Answers due April 11th

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Reminder... Challenge Question Answers due April 11th
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 11:35:40 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

A quick reminder to all -- we have now re-activated the 
weekly LFM Challenge Questions and hope that you will
encourage your students to participate.  The questions
are brain-teasers, meant to stimulate interest and encourage
critical thinking.  Challenge Questions are posted each week
in our LFM updates online newsletter.  Answers are posted
the following week.  We do collate all responses and select
the *best* answer and award a token prize. If we receive
more than one correct answer, random drawings are held to
select the winning entry. The winner is announced in the following 
week's update along with a new Challenge Question. 

This week's Challenge Question Answers are due tomorrow,
Friday, April 11th.  Answers are always due within one
week after the question is announced!  

Please note:  All may participate,but only students of elementary 
through high school are awarded prizes!

Jan Wee, moderator

Question #3:  Week of April 7th, 1997 (posted on April 4th)


With the exception of size, what is the major difference between 
Earth and Mars? And, in what way are Earth and Mars most alike?

Bonus Question:
What do we mean when we say that "this feature" may make Earth 
unique when compared to other planets (but maybe not the moons) in 
our solar system?

You are invited to send original student answers to: 

Please include the words CHALLENGE QUESTION in the subject line of your 
email. The kids' names will be listed online and token prizes will be 
given to those will the best answers.  Please INCLUDE the grade 
level/age of participating students!

Answers are due within seven full days of Challenge Question 
posting. (e.g. If a CQ is posted on April 4, answers are due by 
midnight PST on April 11.)