Red Rover questions

From: L*y Marske <>
Subject: Red Rover questions
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 07:50:23 -0700

Hi anyone involved in Red Rover,
    I'm trying to get the project going and have a couple of questions:
1.  How can you get the Lego Dacta screen at the same time as the camera 
for controlling the rover.  Do you need two compupters?  Maybe you can't 
see both at the same time. What?
2.  How do you send a message with the IP address?
3.  Also our chord connecting the camera to the computer isn't long 
enough (5 ft.)to be able to reach the rover as it roams the landscape.  
Was there supposed to be an extension to that or what?

Please someone help.
Lucy Marske
Sioux Center Middle School
Sioux Center, IA  51250