Re: PTK Advocate- teacher web site

From: (Ginny)
Subject: Re: PTK Advocate- teacher web site
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 03:57:05 GMT

Dear Jan and friends,
        Thanks to NorthCoast Technology Assistance Program
Telecommunications Curriculum Development Program and instructor, Mitchell
Sprague, from the Mendocino Unified School District, I now have a web site
that explains one teacher's involvement in Passport to Knowledge and the
Live from... programs.  It was a very intensive class and days and days of
work but thanks to Mitch, the web site is up!  I  still  want to add pics
that the kids took from our trip to NASA and the PET Project but that will
again take hours to gif. and html. and then poor Mitch has to unscramble
the errors! Hopefully I can get to them soon.  For now,  please feel free
to join my class and I  at: