More Mars stuff

Subject: More Mars stuff
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 19:31:17 -0400 (EDT)

A  project, Passport Mars, was created with input from  science teachers and
uses links to expert scientists and NASA's Live  From Mars Web site.  The
interactive projects will be available on  CCCnet, an award-winning education
site on the World Wide Web  ( and was previewed this week at
the National Science  Teachers Association (NSTA) in New Orleans.   

CCC, the leading provider of educational software and services to  the school
market, is committed to exploring new ways to use the  Internet and
leveraging partnerships with teachers and other experts  to make CCCnet the
most powerful online curriculum resource  available.  To create Space, CCC
formed partnerships with science  teachers from Super Collider Opportunities
for Education (SCOPE) and  NASA's Life Sciences Division's Outreach Program.
 Space follows  education standards from the National Science Teachers
Association  (NSTA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).   

"This is the most teacher-friendly and educationally sound online  science
resource I have seen," said Barry Rose, sixth-grade science  teacher at Kent
Elementary School in Carrollton, Texas and a SCOPE  teacher member.  "I am
excited to be part of creating such an  innovative educational project."   

Unique to Space is its "Activity Bank," which provides offline  activity
ideas developed by SCOPE teachers.  Open for contribution  from teachers
participating in CCCnet, this resource is designed to  supplement the CCCnet
project in teaching students about Mars.   

Available the first week of May 1997, the Space thematic unit  provides 40
hours of easily-integrated classroom instruction and is  CCCnet's sixth theme
since the launch of the educational Web site in  1996.  Passport Mars,
accounting for 20 hours, can be used as a whole or broken into parts for
teaching lessons on chemistry, biology, or  geology.   

"Passport Mars really brings the flexibility of a Web-based  education
program to life through its teacher resources and  interactive content," said
Lori McBride, CCC vice president of New  Media Markets.  "It also takes
advantage of the educational aspects  of the Web by putting leading-edge
resources such as expert  scientists and real pictures of Mars at the
fingertips of students." 

Passport Mars 

Passport Mars, Space's main project, takes students on a virtual  trip to
Mars.  After landing, students participate in a series of  chemistry, biology
and geology investigations to form their opinions  as to whether life could
exist on the planet.  The geology project  allows students to use the Web to
design telerobotic vehicles (TRVs)  suitable for Martian terrain and test
them on various types of soil. 

To help guide the tour, each student is issued a "Passporter," a  futuristic
interface that students personalize for their team.  The  Passporter prompts
navigation throughout the project and tracks  progress at every stage.   

As part of the main project, students can post questions and  receive answers
online from expert scientists.  Also, students are  directed to view specific
photographs and other information on Mars  through various NASA Web sites,
including Live From Mars, the Mars  Pathfinder mission and the Mars Global
Surveyor mission.   

Extra Textual 

To complement Passport Mars, a second project titled Extra Textual uses
science fiction to teach students about story plots as an  element of
writing.  Students link to the Web site of popular science fiction writer
Octavia Butler to read a short story and identify plot lines.  Students may
also participate in "Cosmic Threads," an online activity where students write
and publish different paragraphs to a  collaborative, ongoing story.   

Partnering with SCOPE 

SCOPE is a project created to address current challenges of  science
education.  It operates within the Texas Center for Education Technology
(TCET) at the University of North Texas and is sponsored  by the Department
of Energy, corporate partners and 10 partner school districts.