Inviting you to join the P.E.T. activity!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Inviting you to join the P.E.T. activity!
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 10:00:00 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Many of you who joined this discussion forum in fall are aware of our
online collaborative activity, the Planet Explorer Toolkit, which
engages students in mission planning by designing their own
P.E.T. much as the Mars Mission Planners have done for the
Pathfinder.  There are many new folks joining the discuss-lfm
forum who may not be as familiar with this activity.  For this
group and for those of you who maybe considering involvement
the file below will bring you up-to-date and presents our
newly revised timeline.

I encourage you to visit the LFM web site and take a closer
look at the P.E.T. detailed overview (found under Featured Events).
You and your students are invited to join our online email debate.  
An especially exciting time is ahead as we welcome NASA JPL Mars 
Mission Planner, David Mittman, to our discussion forum, debate-lfm.  
David will be assisting us in the consensus reaching process and giving 
us an insider's perspective on the Mars Pathfinder's instrument planning.

Students and educators are welcome to join *now* for the consensus
reaching process and the data collection activities.  You do not
need to be involved from the beginning to partake in these
activities!  You can catch up on the debate-lfm interactions
by visiting the LFM web site and accessing the archive found

We would love to include data collection sites from the far corners 
of the globe and diverse regions of the US!

Jan Wee, moderator

>>>>>>>  P L A N E T   E X P L O R E R   T O O L K I T <<<<<<<

In a few short weeks classes around the country and the globe will
have the opportunity to put into action the special instrument package
devised by a group of dedicated "P.E.T. Lead Classrooms" -- students
and educators, who over the months of January and February, helped
devise what they think might be the *best* Planet Explorer Toolkit.  
The group is still finalizing the exact contents (specific instruments) 
of the Toolkit during the next two weeks, March 3rd through 14th, and
will do so with the assistance of David Mittman, NASA JPL Mars 
Pathfinder Mission Planner.  Classes participate in online discussions
with experts via our special email list called "debate-lfm" and
may join the discussion at any time during the activity. Students
from grades two through high school have been actively participating
since December!

Dr. Sanjay Limaye, Planetary Scientist Advisor who has guided 
the "P.E.T. Lead Classrooms" throughout January and February,  recently 
noted that this phase of the activity is called the "CDR" or Critical 
Design Review phase.  Once consensus is reached classes will gather their 
TOOLKIT instruments and prepare for their data collection "mission" 
-- "launch" their instrument package to record data on a site convenient 
to them... on this planet! 

Whether you and your students have been monitoring the P.E.T.
online collaborative activity or have just recently become involved 
in the Live From Mars project, *ALL* classes are invited to join in the
next phase, the LAUNCH and DATA COLLECTION PHASE,  by serving 
as a member of the Planetary Data Input team.  In just two weeks, you will 
gather the instruments needed for your Toolkit, determine the best area 
(nearby your school/site) for data collection, and collect data that 
uniquely describes your region.

All participating groups will submit their data (via email or web-based 
form) which will in turn become part of an online database and the basis 
for further interpretive activities. 

More details about the P.E.T. can be found online at our Live From
Mars web site under *Featured Events*.  An updated schedule will
be found there soon, but the key dates are as follows:

        March 3rd-14th:  Welcome NASA Mars Mission Planner, David Mittman,
                     to the debate-lfm forum who will assist us in
                     reaching consensus on the final Toolkit

        By March 14th: Reach consensus on the contents of the Toolkit

        March 15-April 4th: Assemble Toolkit and Initiate Launch Phase...
                            collect planetary data on site 
        By April 4th:  Submit data via email or web-based form

        By April 11th: Passport to Knowledge will select winning classes 
                (one per grade level range -- elementary, middle
                and high school) on th basis of their overall involvement 
                in the P.E.T. activity.  These classes will be receive 
                special honors and one class will be selected to participate 
                in the April 24th broadcast. Each of the selected classes will 
                receive a special award allowing them unique ways to participate
                in NASA's missions to the Red Planet.

A special enrichment activity entitled "Where in the World Is this P.E.T.
Mystery Site?" will engage students in using Toolkit data to determine
the location of five mystery sites.  This activity will be detailed
in future updates and will invite classes to submit answers through
May 9th.

If you have questions about the P.E.T. Activity, feel free to email
Jan Wee at 

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