Re: Last night on the Blue Ridge and no film

From: Laura Lou <>
Subject: Re: Last night on the Blue Ridge and no film
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 11:30:57 -0500

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Marilyn Kennedy wrote:
> Hale Bopp on the Blue Ridge


Try Hale-Bopp over Lake Erie!  I am going to try from a boat this week
if we have another clear warm evening.  My daughter offered her Jet-Ski
but I don't think so!

> And as trite as it might seem, I really have to credit PTK
> with LFS and LFM for awakening my interest in the night sky and space.

Here, here!!  My friend coaxed his son (24) out onto the deck to see the
comet last night and his son asked, "What comet?"  I had to remind my
friend this morning that he wouldn't know much about it, either, if he
were not associated with me.  I hear the same3 kind of thing from
parents who would not be aware of the happenings in space if it weren'[t
for their children getting them involved.

Maybe PTK should check out those "secondary" folks we reach.  Would make
an interesting study.

Laura (MI)
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