Last night on the Blue Ridge and no film

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Last night on the Blue Ridge and no film
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 09:55:50 -0500

Hale Bopp on the Blue Ridge

Because my home is in the bowl of the Massanutten Mtn. (affectionately
known as the "kettle") to see the comet at night I have to travel over the

To celebrate the beginning of Spring Break, I went up on Skyline Drive and
viewed the comet on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was so
beautiful! Indeed I feel very privledged to witness something like that in
my lifetime. And as trite as it might seem, I really have to credit PTK
with LFS and LFM for awakening my interest in the night sky and space. Wish
I had some of that film!!

Here in the Valley and on the crest of the Blue Ridge, I have no  problems
of light pollution so I was easily able to view the comet, even without my
binoculars. Viewing through my binoculars I was able to really see its tail
streaming away. In the background you could hear a symphony of sounds,
heralding the coming of spring -- peepers filled the night air punctuated
with the haunting  hoots of an owl perched somewhere in his tree, hopefully
enjoying this awesome sight of comet Hale Bopp. It is these experiences
that become the memory makers in ourlives.

A budding amateur astronomer....

Marilyn K. Wall