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Don't miss these Discovery Channel opportunities!

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Blast off to Mars with NASA Experts and Discovery Channel School!

Join Discovery Channel School and NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative
for an exciting week of WebChats with NASA experts!

During the week of April 7 -11 everyday there will be a
two hour chat from 2- 4 pm Eastern; 11am-1pm Pacific.

Topics of the chats will include:
Monday - Today's Missions To Mars
Tuesday - Planning Space Missions
Wednesday - Looking for Life in Space
Thursday - Exploring the Solar System
Friday - Human Survival in Space

Each day, two or three different scientists will share their
experiences and knowledge about these topics.

To join the chats:

The topics have been chosen to enhance the information
presented in Discovery Channel School's Earth to Mars Theme
programming. We encourage you to view this material and
then come and meet the people doing this exciting work!

For more information please visit:

Earth to Mars programming airs on Discovery Channel the week of
March 31 - April 4; 9-10am ET, 8-9am CT, 10-11am MT, 9-10am PT

March 31: Understanding: The Universe
April 1: Destination Mars
April 2: He Conquered Space
April 3: Discover Magazine: Solar System
April 4: Life on Mars?

On The Learning Channel, be sure to set your VCR to record
The Path to Mars on TLC Elementary School.
Airs April 1, 1997; 4-5am ET, 3-4am CT, 2-3am MT, 1-2am PT.

For curriculum support materials for these programs, see:

"See" you online!

Pat Koravos
Education Online Manager
Discovery Channel School