Question for you from last year....

From: Johl <>
Subject: Question for you from last year....
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 22:16:26 -0700

	Does anyone remember last years Academy Awards?  Were you watching it, =
if so you won't know the answer to this question.  To make a long story =
short, I came home from a meeting, and decided to see what was on TV, I =
saw the a movie on one channel, and the Academy Awards on the other.  =
(we only get two channels)  I got interested in the movie, being in =
progress, I never did find out all about it, but the premise of the =
movie was that it was taking place like a live tv show.  Astronauts =
comprising an international crew were sent on to a mission to explor =
Mars.  They landed, and were exploring, describing to Earth what they =
were seeing.  And then it happened.  One of the Astronauts says he sees =
something, the transmission is breaking up, video goes snowy, audio you =
hear "OH MY GOD"  and that is how the movie ends. =20
	So What did he see???????

What do you think?  Anyone see the movie, what was it called?=20
Who Cares?   I guess we will never know until the sequel, if there is =
one, or until we go there ourselves.