Comet film

From: (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: Comet film
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 18:14:15 -0500

I just got my first Hale-Bopp results back from using a new slide film
Ektachrome P1600 and they are fantastic! They blow Ektachrome 400 right out
of the water. With 400 a black sky is usually turned a muddy something
because of the light pollution I have here in a 30 second exposure. I've
been shooting 10 and 15 second exposures, getting the same resolution of
the comet FAR MORE Stars!!!! and the sky is a gorgeous cobalt blue. The
film is new, most photodealers don't even have it in their catalogs. The
only source I've found is Telescope and Binocular Center 1-800-447-1001.
Catalog #5298 $14.39 per roll of 36 exposures plus $1.34 shipping for  5-7
business day UPS. They also will do 2 day FEDEX for $4.00 more. Enjoy!