Reminder... LFM's Mars Team web resources

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Reminder... LFM's Mars Team web resources
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:16:35 -0600

Dear All,

Today I have been busy reviewing the LFM Mars Team resources online.
I strongly encourage all members of this forum to tap the wealth of
information about the men and women of the Mars Missions found
online at the LFM web site.  I am a person who loves to read these
online journals and biographies... I find them fascinating. 

I am amazed at the diversity of people working on the Mars Missions
and their "stories" of who influenced their career decisions,
what they like about their jobs, their personal hobbies, and
life goals.  If you haven't had your students online to "meet
the men and women" of the Mars Team, I strongly recommend time
to do this.  If you access makes it difficult, you might print
out the biographies and print them and have different students
read about a Mars Team member and share what they learned. 

One of the most reassuring things I learned from reading through
the biographies is:

        1) Teachers and family play a very strong role in influencing
           career choices. As an educator you may not know the long
           term impact you may have on a child for whom you open
           the doors as you "turn kids on" to science!

        2) Reading plays a significant role in influencing a love 
           for science and technology.  

As a former science teacher (Earth Science/MS) and a former Library
Media Director (MS) the above really hit home for me.  I hope you
will take the time to enjoy the Mars Team biographies and introduce
this LFM online resource to your students.   

If you use this resource in any special way with your students, 
please share this with our forum!  We all could benefit from your

As an added note, if you haven't seen Mary Urquhart's "Reaching for the 
Red Planet", a multi-purpose curriculum focusing on planning a 
Mars colony, do take a look at her web site.  She also has a 
link to an Educators' Workshop for Comet Hale-Bopp.  These are the
proceedings from her March 8th workshop which has information 
and activities on Hale-Bopp and comets in general for the classroom.

Jan Wee, moderator