Re: Planetary Exploration Toolkit

From: (Ginny)
Subject: Re: Planetary Exploration Toolkit
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 03:14:47 GMT

Dear Live and PET friends,
        Our students and I leave Hydesville tomorrow to Explore our site!
We are definitely geared up!  We have decided to set up an outdoor
classroom about a block from the site where we will have microscopes, books
and our clipboards with our data input forms.  Each child has the complete
form on a clipboard and is responsible to complete it (assessment).  They
know that each of them have a part and that they have to rely on each other
to get the complete picture! fun! (They are starting to call me Mrs.
        I called and talked to an environmental consultant for contaminated
soils  regarding the soil test (density).  His recommendation was to use no
chemicals, now doesn't that make things easier!  Take the sample, shake 1/4
sample with 3/4 water and watch it settle! He says  comparing  and
contrasting different samples would be the easiest way for kids to get to
know percentages of sand, silt and clay. So, I asked the kids to bring
samples from home so we can "learn to read" soil samples in class.
        Hope everyone is having a good time with this project! Wow, are we
already learning a lot.  A local lab has volunteered to do our iron and
hardness testing and we will do the ph of our water.  Our local newspaper
is coming out to interview the kids and take pictures. They think that's
pretty cool!
         We hope that your view of Mars and Hale-Bopp is as spectacular as
our! Never have I seen a sky as beautiful as ours has been this month!
Happy viewing, gin