Eclipse Party results

From: Laura Lou <>
Subject: Eclipse Party results
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 14:31:21 -0500

This will be a rather second-handed report.  I am still recouperating
from knee surgery but, thanks to a fantastic substitute teacher, my
students did not suffer.  

At 9:30pm Sunday night they assembled at the Lake Erie Metro Park.  For
some strange reason the Astronomy Club had not arranged a meeting for
the eclipse.  However, some folks were there with telescopes and
binoculars.  Part of this Lake Shoreline park is a point that juts out
into Lake Erie.  From that point observation is away from light
pollution and most trees.  The road going out to the point is gravelled
and easy to travel with lights dowsed.  The parking lot is black-top and
just fine for settingup equipment.

The substitute had playes a riddle game with the students for about 10
days prior to the "Dirty Snowball"commet-making lab.  She put clues on
the chalkboard each day and offered 20 tickets for the weekly positive
action prize drawing to the team or idividual that got all three parts
of the "Cosmic Triple-Play"

As a result 37 of the 97 students on our team came to the point to see
the sights with their parents.  Those who were there were allowed to
arrive at school two hours late on Monday without penality.  Since we
start at 7:20am, this was quite a treat.

Bless my sub and all other substitute teachers who do so much more than
babysit, and then have to return the classes to their regular teachers.

Laura Bashlor
Shumate Middle School
Gibraltar, Michigan