Launch Phase of the Planet Explorer Toolkit Activity

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Launch Phase of the Planet Explorer Toolkit Activity
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:49:28 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Although many of you are well aware of the Planet Explorer Toolkit
activity, you may not know that participating classes reached
consensus on the *best* universal Toolkit and over the next
few weeks will be engaged in Launch Phase.  *ALL* classes,
regardless of past participation in the consensus discussion,
are invited to participate in the Launch Phase (data collection).

More details...

Jan Wee, moderator 

        *Planet Explorer Toolkit* Data Collection Activity
        Appropriate for: Grades 3-12

        An *online collaborative activity* sponsored by
                Passport to Knowledge
                 Live From Mars Electronic Field Trip

        For full overview --

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                             dMMM*""'`'      .oM"HM?.
                           ,MMM'          "HLbd< ?&H\
                          .:MH ."\          ` MM  MM&b
                         . "*H    -        &MMMMMMMMMH:
                         .    dboo        MMMMMMMMMMMM.
                         .   dMMMMMMb      *MMMMMMMMMP.
                         .    MMMMMMMP        *MMMMMP .
                              `#MMMMM           MM6P ,
                          '    `MMMP"           HM*`,
                           '    :MM             .- ,
                            '.   `#?..  .       ..'
                               -.   .         .-

AS part of the LIVE FROM MARS electronic field trip...

Just like the NASA JPL Mars Pathfinder Mission Planners...
a dedicated group of "lead classrooms" have designed what they
collectively feel to be the "universal best" *Planet Explorer Toolkit*
(a set of instruments and measurement devices) which will be used to
collect data about their own unique PDI site (Planetary
Data Input site).  This data will be shared online via the Live From
Mars web site (see URL above).  Special interpretive activities and
an enrichment experience called "Where in the World are these P.E.T.
Mystery Sites?" will be active from late April through mid-May.

Students and their teachers will be engaged in the LAUNCH PHASE
-- collecting their PDI data between NOW and April 11th. A PDI form
will be available by March 28th at the LFM web site for submitting
your data.  E-mail Jan Wee for an advance copy of the form if needed!


The process is simple, fun, and parallels the Mission Design for
the Mars Pathfinder (NASA JPL's robotic mission lands on Mars on
July 4th, 1997).  Mars Mission Planner, David Mittman, Planetary
Scientist, Dr. Sanjay Limaye, and Imager for Mars Pathfinder designer,
Peter Smith, all contributed online to the P.E.T. Design Phase.
You can access their input and the discussions leading to the
Launch Phase by visiting the archive of debate-lfm at:

experience.  The next Live From Mars *LIVE* telecast, "Cruising
Between the Planets", originates from NASA JPL on April 24th at
13:00-14:00 EST on NASA-TV and many PBS local stations. (check with
your local PBS station for broadcast coverage).

International schools are strongly encouraged to participate
as well!

Jan Wee, Passport to Knowledge
Education Outreach Coordinator