Subject: Eclipse!!
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 23:21:51 -0600 (CST)

I hope everyone got a chance to watch the eclipse tonight.  I was so excited 
we had clear enuf skies to see it!  They had threatened cloudy skies.  We went 
out early when the moon monster was just starting to eat the moon and were 
able to also clearly see the comet.  That was great.  Then later, when the 
moon monster had almost completely eaten it, we could see the reddish tint to 
the moon people have mentioned before.  The moon was almost glowing red-hot--
certainly as red as Mars!  What a great sight!  Certainly hope we have equally 
clear skies for the new moon when the Denver Astronomical Society is bringing 
their telescopes to our school for us to look at the comet and Mars.  We will 
be having a local TV production company coming to our school that night to 
film a class that uses technology in the classroom, so hope it's a good 
filming night!  Clear skies, jkc

Janet K. Cook, Science Instructor, Night Program

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