From: (Jackie Trump)
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 00:09:00 -0800

      Hi Ruth and All,

I was MEWMAST in 1993.  For me, an Aerospace teacher and a pilot, I was in
heaven.  I wanted to stow away on the Kuiper, can hardly wait to see the
Sophia.  Our leaders, Garth, Tom, and Woody were totally knowledgeable,
tons of fun, and terrific hosts.  This was the first year that Marc
patiently taught us the email system on UNIX.  Marc probably earned many
stars in his crown that summer.  The atmosphere of being totally immersed
in NASA, science, and math was awesome.

        It was inspiring, totally relevant and useful, and practical in that we
could apply our new knowledge immediately and had all the posters, slides,
videos, computer programs, brochures, and materials needed to add to any

        I certainly hope it continues.  It was a highlight in my teaching