Re:new address

From: Renee Crawley <>
Subject: Re:new address
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 11:15:54 -0600 (CST)

I wanted to make sure that everyone has our new on line address.
Michael and Renee Crawley from Tucson are now able to be found at
Any chance of another "meeting" this summer?  We so enjoy last summer, 
and our students (K-2) are having such a great time with Mars, 
Antarctica, and Hale-Bopp.  I have several 5-8 year olds getting up at 
5:00 a.m. here in Tucson to ovbserve the Hale-Bopp.  The tail is visable 
and the sight is AWESOME, or WAY COOL as my kids say.  That's our normal 
getting up time, and we live in the country away from Tucson lights so 
the view is breathtaking much so we tend to run about 15 
minutes late from watching and talking.  We've been asked to teach a 15 
hour 1 increment credit class for the District on Passport to Knowledge.  
This will be done in the early fall.  We'll keep you posted on that 
possibility.  Everyone is excited about the latest news about MARS rock 
and possible life.  My kids think that Mars may have "ocean vents" that 
keep the water warm enough to support life.  Now the moon water issue has 
captured their imaginations and scientific hypotheses abound!  I'm sure I 
have future NASA scientists and astronomers, biologists and geologists in 
my class.  Michael's class has brought forth 2 students (age 6) who are 
destined to be meteorologists.  AND  people said it couldn't be done in 
K-2!!We've loved every minute of this year with all the great materials, 
support and friendship from LFM and LFA2.  A very special thanks to 
Geoff, Jan, Erma, and Pat....Mark and all!  Thanks from 2 teachers and 41 
children ages 5-8 from Tucson.  Renee and Michael

Renee Crawley