March: Great Month for Mars Watching

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: March: Great Month for Mars Watching
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 10:13:34 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

The Live From Mars Web site is highlighting Mars observation
activities with a special set of links to assist you and
your students.

The information is copied from ...

Jan Wee, moderator

                              GET OUT AND OBSERVE MARS! 

     For information on how to observe; using the Mars map; and locating 
        albedo features, polar caps and clouds go to

     To see the latest telescopic images of Mars go to the Marswatch 
        archive page at:

     Most of the folks observing Mars through their telescopes are reporting 
        that there is a lot of cloud activity around the high peaks and that 
        the north polar cap is shrinking as summer comes to the northern 
        hemisphere. A few localized dust storms have been spotted by observers 
        and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). 

     HST has been photographing the red planet from September '96 through 
        January '97. Color composites of the images
        can be seen at: 


     Try an activity Tracking Mars across the Sky