hello from W.A.

From: Dean Parton <compute@bshs.wa.edu.au>
Subject: hello from W.A.
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 09:48:56 +0800

Hello from Perth, Western Australia.

My class of year 9's are working in groups of 3.  I am spreading one
of their modules over the first half of the year.  They will be tuning
into the Mars missions several times this year.  

Pay TV and Cable TV is new to Australia, and luckily some people at 
this school have access to the Discovery channel, so we may be able
to get some of the broacasts mentioned recently.

I have 3 of my students with me presently, thought we would drop you
all a line to let you know we are here, before my students look at
the Mars WEB site about the 2 missions.

Is it possible for us(students) to ask questions about the mars missions.

Dean Parton

Belmont SHS (compute@icenet.com.au)