The Mars Academy Project

From: "Rshaid, Gabriel " <>
Subject: The Mars Academy Project
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 09:08:25 -0400


Greetings from the Mars Academy at Lincoln High School in Buenos Aires,

After our long summer break we are starting our activities for this year.
The Mars Academy is an online collaborative project in which we will design,
together with students from all over the world, a manned mission to Mars. 
We have divided the mission in several stages, each of which will be studied
and featured in our home page ( After debating
the design problems and possible alternatives, we will propose solutions to
them and finally integrate them into a spacecraft design.

The stages are :

	- Choosing the landing site
        - Designing trajectory 
	- Orbital Mechanics
        - Selecting the crew
	- Propulsion system
        - Life Support System
	- Space Medicine : designing for artificial gravity
	- Systems Integration
        - Mission Design

After the mission is completed, a Web based simulator of the designed
spacecraft will allow us to simulate the trip to Mars and give each
participating school the chance to become an astronaut or a member of
Mission Control.

Our first interactive activities will be to define the mission goals and
objectives and choose a suitable landing site.

Please visit our Web site at :

or send an email to

Pooja Motwani - Danielle Vignati
Fernando Martinez
Gabriel Rshaid (teacher)

The Mars Club
Lincoln High School
Buenos Aires, Argentina