Mars Academy #1 - Web chat with NASA Astronomer

From: "Rshaid, Gabriel " <>
Subject: Mars Academy #1 - Web chat with NASA Astronomer
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 09:08:51 -0400


Greetings from the Mars Academy at Lincoln High School in Buenos Aires,

Our current activity involves defining the mission goals and choosing a
suitable landing site for our study of a manned mission to Mars. 
We have included at a series of
documents on Mars, the possibility of finding life on Mars and the missions
to the Red Planet together with many related links that can help us approach
the problem.

Web Chat with NASA astronomer
Next Tuesday, March 3rd at 1100 EST, we will have a Web chat with Dr. Jim
Bell, a planetary scientist from Cornell University. 

Dr. Bell holds a Planetary Geosciences from the University of Hawaii
at Manoa. He is a
Research Associate at Cornell University, Department of Astronomy, Center
for Radiophysics and
Space Research and Visiting Astronomer, NASA Infrared Telescope Facility for
Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Mission.

During our web chat on Tuesday, we will ask Dr. Bell questions about the
geology of Mars that will
help us in choosing our landing site.

If you are interested in participating in the chat please email us at
Please visit our Web site at :

or send an email to

Pooja Motwani - Danielle Vignati
Fernando Martinez
Gabriel Rshaid (teacher)

The Mars Club
Lincoln High School
Buenos Aires, Argentina