Re: Ideas needed.

Subject: Re: Ideas needed.
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 10:00:41 -0600 (CST)

Dear Laura,  I understand your frustration over the sub issue.  As a sub, 
myself, I've been confronted with a lot of wierd situations.  In Douglas 
County, we're supposed to be able to teach the lesson plan, whatever it is.  
I remember one time going in and they were on matrix construction in Algebra 
II!  I remember matrices back in college 25 years ago, but...  Then most of 
the time, it's show this video--five times in one day!  As a regular 
teacher, I do rely on videos a lot.  I figure they can't do too much harm 
that way.

Many subs are afraid of middle school, so having stuff really laid out 
completely will help.  I don't see why, since your kids know the routine by 
now, they can do simple labs or activities as well as the writing and readng 
that goes along with them.  I think the Live from activities are pretty 
cookbooky and straight forward.  If you made sure everything was ready, the 
kids should be able to do them.  Making simple changes could help with some, 
like, I used copies photos of volcanoes from books one day when the TV was 
down and they took the slope measurements from those.  Then they wrote a 
three paragraph essay explaining shield and composite volcanoes and why 
Martian shield volcanoes are different than Terran.  That was a whole week 
with measuring, disscussing in small groups, writing and rewriting.  

If you did one activity per week and really did it up big, even a babysitter 
should be able to handle it.  Good luck, don't give up hope!  jkc

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